Tuesday, March 13, 2012

On Taupe Patrol

Taupes....people here hate the little devils. We know them as moles in the States, and I don't think anyone likes them there either. This time of year when the villagers are beginning to get out and work in their gardens and potagers, there is a lot of conversation about the best method for getting rid of them. Nothing really works great, though. (You can click over the this blog for a more detailed discussion about taupes and their habits.) Thank goodness, this is not my yard! It's actually a narrow strip of land along the river just in front of my house. Taupes love it here as you can see by all the little taupe mounds that they've left. Lucie is funny; she can hear them, I think. When we walk here, I'll find her staring intently at one of the mounds. Suddenly, she'll begin to dig like fury...there must be a taupe in action down there! I don't think she's ever caught one, but she keeps trying.

Here she is ...on taupe patrol in my backyard. She's my preferred method for controlling the little diggers

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  1. I've never seen a live mole but have seen a molehill heave a few times, so there must have been one underneath. I hold them responsible for klling a couple of newly-planted trees from below!