Wednesday, March 21, 2012

On With the New

New tiles waiting in the staging area along the train tracks...
to be moved down the tracks by this big guy...
and then lifted up to the men on the roof who will place them where they belong.
The front and one side are complete; only part of the back and the side closest to my house are left to finish.'s hard, labor-intensive work. Many of the tiles have to be cut to fit or at least 'trimmed' with a whack of a hammer. I predict they will be done by Friday, making this a full, two-week project.


  1. I watched the same event last year, here in Saignon. It never ceases to amaze me at just how much labor, here in France, is done by hand. As I watched the men walking up/down/around the roof, I was amazed. Clearly they have no fear of heights, no safety harnesses attached either. Pretty impressive!

  2. There was one man who used a safety harness a couple of times, but otherwise,you're safety equipment at all. My friend, who had this same crew do a similar size piece of his roof, estimated this roof job cost between 17-20,000 euros! Yikes!! The owner has been trying to sell this place for over a takers! The roof could be part of the problem, but I'd say the fact that the house has no toilet/septic system is probably a bigger reason!