Monday, March 12, 2012

Paperwhites and An Update on Spring

My paperwhites have bloomed. I catch whiffs of their sweet fragrance as I sit here at my computer.
Yesterday as I drove through the Aveyron countryside, I saw a few wild plums full of blossoms, and along the Dourdou, the willows are leafing out.
The big plane tree in front of Christiane's house has received its spring 'haircut.'
The days are getting longer (although France doesn't begin daylight savings until March 25th), and the birds are just crazy-happy. They're up and singing 'way before dawn. I've even begun hearing a sweet rooster crowing from across the river. Not this guy...he's sitting on top of the Mairie in Conques!
If the 70 degree days predicted all this week materialize, spring will be popping out all over soon,


  1. I am in Oslo for a couple of days. Left cold, gray, pouring rain and a ground still covered in deep snow in Trondheim this morning. Enjoying sun, spring, the first flowers here.

    Lovely paperwhites.

  2. What a contrast this week to how it was in February! Our daffodils suddenly sprang out and we saw violets on the lawn for the first time today. The dawn chorus is starting up, as chez vous. But I haven't seen any plum blossom yet. Everything is a bit behind owing to the cold spell.