Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hotel des Sources

There's so much to share from just the last two days, but I thought I'd start at the beginning....literally. This is where I'm staying here in Fontaine de Vaucluse...the Hotel des Sources (hotel of the source) Since this village is the source of the Sorgue River, it's a very appropriate name. The tourist season is not in full swing yet, making it kind of nice to have this hotel almost all to myself. There are a handful of us staying here this weekend. The man and woman who run the hotel live right here in it. She does everything for the time being...check-in, helps carry your luggage to your room, waitress and server at meals, and she's the cleaning lady. She's delightful and has made me feel very welcome.
I think what I love most about the hotel is the private parking. I have to code to the keypad. I punch it in and voila! the gates swing open. I park and walk into the dining room.
I also love that it sits right on the river. This is the view I see as I eat in the dining room. The river is lined with huge plane trees that lean far out over the water. The food has been very good so far, and the service has been excellent. This is definitely a place I'd return to.
Door pull on the big gates to the front entrance.

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