Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Vernissage in Provence

A highlight of my trip to Provence last week was arriving in time on Friday afternoon to attend a vernissage at Atelier Fidler. I first met Natacha and her mother, Edith in 2005 when I visited their atelier with my friend, Marie. They are fascinating and joyful women, always smiling and always happy to see old friends. Both are ceramists; Natacha also does watercolor collage. The vernissage was an exhibit of over 100 drawings by their father/husband, Eugene Fidler who passed away in 1990. Edith found the drawings, which she forgot she had tucked away in portfolios, as she was putting away several of Eugene's paintings from a previous show. Natacha decided to frame and exhibit them. Et voila! I thought I might buy a little drawing until I peeked at the price list. Ooh-la-la! Out of my budget. The smallest was 300 euros; the most expensive was 12,000 euros. I bought a book of Eugene's paintings that Natacha published in 2010 and a signed poster like the one you see in the photo. Those I could afford!

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