Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Way of St. James

The day that Lucie and I were out dolmen-hunting, I stopped at a dirt pull-out to look over the maps and spied this painted rock. I felt as if I had discovered gold! It pointed to the chemin de St. Jacques...the Way of St. James.
The wide rocky path was marked every few yards with a scallop shell either attached to a rock or a fence post.
There was even one dangling from a tree branch!
We walked until we came to this creative intersection sign where we turned back to continue on our dolmen hunt.
It's my dream to some day walk part, if not all, of the chemin. While I know that not all of it is as beautifully marked as this part, the taste I got here makes me certain this is something I could do...and will

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  1. I love those scallop shells. Like you, walking that path is something I would love to do some day.