Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Beauregard and Beyond

Finally...a nice day! So, what did I do? Go exploring, of course. I wanted to retrace the route I traveled on Monday with new acquaintances, Maggie and Bill. I connected with them through Laury's blog. They're Americans currently living in Nova Scotia who just bought a vacation home in a small village outside of Limogne. They were nice enough to invite me to see their place and to attend an Anglican worship service with them in Caylus, a good-sized village south of here. They like to wander the back-roads just as I do, so we did plenty of sight-seeing as we traveled to Caylus. My objective today was a small church we saw perched on a distant hilltop. I'll share that with you another day; today I want to show you some of the fun things I found as I wandered.

This is the covered halles or market in the village of Beauregard. Built in the 12th century by the English, it has served as the market place for the local villages ever since. Beauregard is a bastide town which means it was built around this square where the market was held. Bastide towns sprang up all over SW France during the Middle Ages as trade became an important money-making enterprise
The 13th century Chateau de Marsa sits on the edge of the village. It hosts music, literary and cultural events each summer.
Traveling on down the road, I came upon the lovely Chateau de Saint-Projet. Building began here in the 13th century on the site of a Gallo-Roman ruin. The Chateau became a refuge for Marguerite de Valois, Queen Margot, as she fled from the King of France, Henri II, during the Wars of Religion.Maggie says it's open for tours in the summer...another item to put on my 'to do' list!
The last stop on today's tour is here in the tiny village of Lacapelle-Livron...a Templar commanderie.
Built in the 1200's, it's now a private residence.
It's interesting to see how the quiet little village snuggled right up next to the Templar stronghold, its tiny rues shadowed by the great tower.
Fellow blogger, Vanessa Couchman, did a wonderful post earlier this year about the legend of a dragon and a lady connected to this village. Please do click over here to read it!

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  1. Many thanks for the link, Evelyn. You had a good day's sightseeing!