Friday, May 4, 2012

An End-of-the-Day Reward

It rained and was cloudy every day in April. Really....every day! I was thrilled to see the sun when I went to Provence, because back home in the Lot, it rained. This week, however, we had three whole days of beautiful weather. Everyone in the village. including me, was out mowing and trimming badly overgrown lawns and gardens. You could hear the hum of mowers wherever you went. The rain returned today...sigh. But at dusk, we were rewarded with this stunning rainbow
The storm clouds cast a beautiful pink glow on Saujac.
Even the puddles in the road were pretty in pink.

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  1. Wasn't it nice to get a few days' respite from the rain? Now my back is suffering since I went around like a mad thing doing all the garden work that we had neglected for weeks owing to the weather. Sometimes we get some wonderful rainbows like the one in your photo.