Sunday, May 13, 2012

Flowers in Pots

While it's true I do spend an occasional day (or five!) exploring this fascinating and beautiful country, France, I spend most days much like you do. I wash dishes, do laundry, mow the yard, walk the dog, run into town for groceries or gas, etc. etc. The only difference is I do most of those things in French...amazingly enough considering my pathetic attempts to speak the language. I think I get by because I try really hard and smile a lot. Pointing helps, too. And the French being very polite and thinking I must be a bit 'off' to be smiling all the time, are very obliging to help me out.

And like gardeners everywhere in the northern hemisphere, I plant. It's spring and time to get those flowers in pots and those veggies in the ground! Of course, it's France, so there's a French twist. Those in the know here plant by the saints, specifically the Saints de Glace or the saints' days in mid-May that mark the last chance for a freeze. These saints are St Mamert (11 mai), St Pancrace (12 mai) et St Servais (13 mai). So, for the past two days I've been busy in my tiny yard which is mostly taken up by an above-ground swimming pool, lawn and mature shrubs. I do have a small patch of dirt about 4x5 feet around the septic access. I sounds gross, but that's where my veggies went: 2 tomatoes, 2 sweet red peppers, 2 aubergines and 2 fennel bulbs. Kitchen herbs found homes in pots on the terrace, as did some hot pink geraniums and petunias. I have a small planter that only gets filtered sunlight, so I put some hostas and white begonias in there. Hanging fence pots and two flower boxes hanging from the upstairs balcony rail add color, and a flower box of petunias and ivy greets you as you come in my gate. I can't get too crazy planting things at a house I'm only renting, but everyone needs a few flowers to brighten the view and few veggies for those summer salads.

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  1. Pretty! I spent yesterday in the garden ,potting flowers and herbs.Here in Cornwall Spring has been a bit chilly and wet so each dry sunny day is a bonus. Enjoy your lovely French life,you are welcome to drop in on me at Bright Star,all the best Angela