Sunday, May 20, 2012

On the Way Home

You always have to keep alert when you drive around the French countryside. Otherwise, you might miss sights like this...a castle sitting on the top of a hill! This is the Chateau at Cornusson, a tiny village between the Abbaye de Beaulieu and Parisot. Blink and you miss the whole village. I saw only a handful of houses, a restaurant, and the Chateau. Braking quickly, I pulled into a parking area next to the church to take this photo. And yes, I did find a road up to the Chateau, but actually couldn't even get close enough to see if anyone lives there. This is its best view. Sleuthing on Google reveals only that the Chateau was built in the 15th-16th centuries. If you're interested in old photos, click here for several black and white images of the Chateau taken around 1900. You can actually see more of it since the trees haven't overgrown it yet and the photographer had access to some of the interior grounds.
The church where I parked, L'eglise Saint-Pierre de la Vernede, is a new addition to the village being built in 1883. It was locked when I visited, but if you're interested in what it looks like inside, click here.


  1. You were within 2 km of where we live, just up the hill from Cornusson! The château there is privately owned and you can't get access to it, alas. I have only ever seen it from a distance. The church has been restored, with new stained glass windows etc, during the past 10 years. We belong to the association that has overseen the restoration.

  2. I wondered if you might be close...I kept looking for 'la lune' signs! Today I was at an Anglican worship service at a house in Les Bouquistes and saw the sign pointing to the chapel at Teysserolles. Don't forget to let me know when I can buy tickets to your fete there!

  3. I think you might mean Les Boutiques? In fact, you were probably at the house of close friends Polly and Alan and so about 1km away as the crow flies this time! The fête is coming up fast but I will keep you informed. If you like you can let me know now, or soon, by email how many places you would like and I'll make sure you are booked in when the time comes. You pay on the door so no tickets as such.