Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Rambling on the GR 65

As much as I love Paris, Provence, and exploring picturesque medieval villages, my heart really sings when I can ramble along a well-marked trail through meadows and forests. My guess is when you think of France, you don't necessarily think of wide open spaces, hiking and views like this. Neither did I until I moved here. Lucie and I found the GR 65 (which is also the chemin to Santiago de Compostelle) some weeks ago. Yesterday I decided to return and give my wonky knee a test run to see if it's ready yet for pilgrimage.

The chemin is marked by scallop shells
Sometimes the way enters private property. It's okay to enter the gate; just be sure to close it securely behind you! The woods were cool and refreshing after trekking in the hot sun.
This part of the path was also marked with these cute drawings. This one says roughly "it's not the destination, it's only the path."
"It's going well for you?"
"Super! I've found great spirit!
Some of the bushes and trees along the way were identified with signs.The sign for this one said 'chevre-feuille,' or honeysuckle
I couldn't resist photographing this sign! Who knew there was a Ste. Lucie? And she even spells her name right!

Tomorrow I'll share some other 'way markers' we found on our hike.

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