Thursday, May 3, 2012

Spring in Provence

Yesterday I accidently posted these photos to Facebook. I was trying to change my cover photo and oops! They've generated nice comments from friends, though, so I decided to blog them here as well. I took them in Goult where I stopped briefly as I drove from Fontaine-de-Vaucluse to Cassis last week. I intended to have a coffee at the Cafe de la Poste (my favorite village hang-out), but I'd forgotten it was Monday; the cafe was closed. So, I wandered a bit, remembering previous visits to 'my' village with more photos. I actually took photos of this house and its wisteria in 2007. The wisteria photos were so pretty that I had them printed, enlarged and framed. One became the banner photo for my previous blog, Musings from Red Bell Farm. Two are hanging on my walls here in Cadrieu. But once downloaded, I could never remember exactly where I took them...was it in Gordes? Roussillon? Cucuron? Lacoste? As soon as I saw the house here on the church square, I remembered. NO, not those places, but here in my favorite Provencal village....Goult!


  1. Beautiful shots each and every one. I saw them on FB but I'm happy to have another look. I'd love ot have them on my wall as well!

  2. Ah Evelyn, I'm so sorry that we didn't manage a face to face visit while I was still in France. I am ever SO envious as you talk about and show photos of my beloved Luberon. I'm back in Michigan, looking out at gray skies and watching the rain come down. The trees here barely have leaves, and spring is lagging. Do enjoy! I'll be back soon.

  3. What gorgeous wisteria and great photos, as always, Evelyn. I have very much enjoyed your Provence odyssey and hope to get there properly myself one day.