Saturday, May 5, 2012


When I explore a new French village, I always try to visit its church. The church invariably offers me a bit of history, beauty, multiple photo opportunities, and a quiet place to collect my thoughts. In most villages, the church predominates the landscape, sharing center stage with a castle or chateau and perhaps the Mairie. It's usually the prettiest building in town. In Cassis, however, the church is a bit plain and even photographing it was a challenge, squeezed as it was onto a tiny square tucked away in the interior of old Cassis. I could hear its bells toll, and I could see the bell tower, but finding it in the midst of a maze of small streets and alleys wasn't easy. Information inside said it was built in the 1400's; its patron saint is St. Michael. And that's about all I can tell you about it. It just has too much competition from the rest of Cassis
I did find something that was very special to me inside the church. I'll share that with you in tomorrow's blog post.

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