Thursday, June 28, 2012

Collaging Cadrieu

Laury has been trying to get this project done for a long time. A couple of weeks ago it finally happened! The walls of the meeting room in the mairie are already hung with collages of photos that she and Greg have taken over the years, but there was one blank spot that needed to be filled. The idea was a collage of Cadrieu photos challenging the viewers to see just how well they know their village. "Where in Cadrieu are you?" Since I had the biggest table with the best light, we gathered in my sunroom...

Greg and I cut and trimmed photos while Laury arranged and glued them down. We had  Greg's Monday afternoon English class look at the photos in advance. Their recommendations? It should be colorful. And no chickens...that one was from Patricia who hates chickens! So, we scraped Laury's  great close-up of a big red rooster.
The collage took most of the morning to complete. I was amazed at how many photos we used. The hope is this will keep people entertained during those long, boring meetings on commune business! To see the finished product hanging in place with our friendly handyman, Jean-Pierre, click HERE to go to Laury's blog post about our 'collaging Cadrieu' project.

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