Friday, June 29, 2012

It's Hot!

It's been really hot here the past few days. The only cool place has been along the river, so I've walked down there a couple of times to let Lucie swim and cool off a bit. I promised her a walk to the river yesterday afternoon, but the intense heat kept us inside. She's found the coolest place in the house...lying inside the downstairs closet! Up until last night, I've been able to close/open shutters and windows and use the ceiling fan to keep the temperature in my upstairs bedroom bearable. I gave up last night, though, and made a bed on the floor of the living room instead! Slept well, and this morning we've had a bit of a's cool and cloudy.

I'm not going to complain about the heat, though. Laury says it's been 106 degrees at her folks in St. Louis!


  1. Hello Evelyn, I love your new look blog. How is Laury, hope she is well.

    I think I know where this little boat is... Is it across the road, and down the slope.. just across the road from you.

    I hope that you manage to cool down, yes the poor people in the USA are having a major heatwave, and here in the UK we are having floods in certain areas.

    1. Hi Anne...while there is a little boat across the road, this boat was actually further downstream by where the farmers have their fields. It's raining this morning and I've closed some windows as I got cold! Who would have thought that after a month of rain in April,I'd welcome it, but it has helped cool the temps.

  2. Despite the heat, you've managed to captured a real sense of coolness in this photo of the boat - serene! Just shows that pictures can't tell the whole story. (PS. Thought your comment on my blog about the Wylie book were spot on.)