Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Flowering the Lavoir

Laury's been talking about hanging flowers on the lavoir all spring. She asked Christiane if it's okay to do this since the lavoir actually belongs to the commune. Christiane gave the official okey-dokey, so yesterday afternoon, the lavoir was officially flowered! We made a trip to the pepiniere (nursery) in the morning and decided that since most of Laury's flowers on the wagon and the barn are red, we should stick with red for the lavoir. The pepiniere proprietress had some lovely cascading flowers planted in long, plastic sacs. I've never seen anything like these before, but they are perfect for hanging against walls or posts where a hanging basket isn't able to dangle. So,we bought two sacs and one basket planted with red geraniums.We had to wait a bit before we began the hanging as it was raining, but a break in the weather found us at the lavoir...Laury, balancing and hammering in hooks; me, handing supplies and standing by in case of a 911 episode!

Stretched between a low stone wall and the edge of the lavoir, Laury managed to get the hooks in place without any major mishap. It wasn't easy, though!
What a pretty place we have for happy hour! Want to join us?

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