Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Petite Adventure

I had a petite adventure last week. On Tuesday morning, I drove into Cajarc to do errands. After dropping Laury at the post office, I parked the car to wait for her. I picked an empty spot in front of my favorite know the one. I blogged about it here recently. To my delight, a woman was out raising an awning that partially covers the window at night. I spoke to her, inquiring if she was the artist who designs the window. "Yes," she smiled. I gushed just a bit..."I love your window! I take photos of it all the time!" She told me that she 'does it for the children'. "And for me," I said. "Me, too!" she admitted. With that she invited me in. She had only a brief moment to spare as she was on her way out, but that brief moment was awesome. The door opened directly into her studio which was filled with jars of brushes, pots of paint, statues, photos, drawings, and every artist tool you could imagine. We walked through the house to another room, my head swiveling almost 360 degrees as I  tried to take everything in as quickly as I could. My memory is of gorgeous French antiques and charming traditional touches. But, the room we ended up in was incredible! Floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall puppets, marionettes, puppet stages of all sizes, shapes, and colors. The puppet accessoires overflowed the room and spilled out into the hallway. I was overwhelmed with the color, the texture and the sheer volume of the fun and beautiful creations. A moment later, she opened another door, and I found myself back out on the street, my whirlwind tour complete. Laury was walking towards me..."Where have you been?" she asked. My answer..."Having an adventure!"

This is one of those French moments that I'll tuck away to bring out the next time I hear some boorish person declare that 'the French are rude and not nice.' Not true, not true at all, and I can prove it!

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