Friday, June 1, 2012

Three Changes

There have been three changes at Melanged Magic over the past few days. Do you know what they are? The first is pretty obvious. I've changed my blog banner to this photo that I took in Provence. Along with the banner change, I've updated the type font and colors of the blog as well. The second change is not obvious and is actually one I hope you haven't noticed! Melanged Magic has become a website: Blogger should be taking you there seamlessly. If this isn't happening, please let me know. I'm still in the steep part of the learning curve for this website thing! The third change is the addition of  photo galleries under the blog banner. I've decided to offer a few of my favorite photos for sale. I've found a wonderful printer here in France who produces high-quality art prints on beautiful watercolor paper. I will be adding more photos over time. Have a look! If you see something you like or have questions, either use the comment box or email me.


  1. Mmm...
    The URL says but what I'm seeing is still obviously Blogger.
    Did you start a self-hosted website (with Wordpress or similar)? In this case, there's a problem.
    Or did you just get a domain name but still use Blogger as your platform? In that case, it's normal.

  2. Using Blogger as my platform. Funny, sometimes it comes up as the .com for me, sometimes as I'm not very computer-savvy, so I guess as long as people get to the blog, it's all good!

  3. OK I see.
    What you wrote what a bit confusing.
    Melanged Magic hasn't become a website, it always was (a blog is a website) and Blogger is not taking us anywhere, we're still on Blogger.
    You just acquired a domain name, but your blog hasn't moved anywhere.
    A bit as if the address of your house had changed, but the house itself is still the same. :-)

  4. Who cares? It's still a great blog. As long as people can still get to it, what does it matter?