Saturday, June 16, 2012

Town Crier

I just got home from the Saturday afternoon market in Cajarc where this fellow was entertaining shoppers with drum rolls, roller skate tricks and loud greetings in French. His cap announced that he is the publique crier. He couldn't have been over 5 feet tall and that's with his roller skates on! What made it home with me in my shopping panier? Apricots, peaches, two tomatoes, a small melon and half a dozen farm-fresh eggs guaranteed en plein-air. Some Rocamadour goat cheese, a jar of homemade cherry preserves from a cute little farm woman who put my jar in a used flour bag, and a round table cloth sprinkled with bright red poppies. It was another successful market day under a brilliant blue sky and temperatures in the 80's!


  1. There's something about French markets that you simply don't find elsewhere - not in my limited experience, anyway.

  2. I've been to several in different towns/villages and each one has its own distinctive flavor.