Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Eddy Gets a New Garage

There are two train houses in Cadrieu. I live in the one on the north end of the village where the road into 'old' Cadrieu crosses the train tracks. Eddy and Helen, British ex-pats, live in the train house on the south side of the village. Back in the mid-1800's when the train houses were built, they were all pretty much the same. Many years and many owners later, each one now has its own special flair. One big difference at Eddy's is that his place came with a large plot of land between the house and the road. In spite of that, my Brit friends had thought about moving; they wanted something bigger, with more storage space and a pool.After looking at every available property within a day's drive, they concluded that there was no place quite as nice as Cadrieu (amen to that!!) and decided to stay and build.

Their renovations will be in three stages: garage, house addition and finally a pool with another garden. The whole process, though, hinged on having the garage plans approved. After finding a certified architect to draw up plans, they submitted them to our mairie. Construction projects must not only meet certain building standards, but they must also reflect and blend into the character of the village itself. Several long weeks of waiting...both for the approval and then for the builder to be available..and at last, the garage was started last week. Eddy is finally getting his new garage!
Helen and Eddy's train house
My train house in the shadow of the Chateau

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