Sunday, July 22, 2012

I'll Be Back

As I left the castle, I stopped in the little ticket office/gift shop to buy a booklet about the castle and the history of Najac. I spent the evening reading about the things I had seen during the day. I was also dismayed to read about all the things that I missed! I didn't get inside the church, nor did I see the cemetery. I saw the 13th century fountain in the heart of the village, but didn't realize its significance. And the information on the castle was full of such intriguing teases as murder holes in doorways, brattices supporting external latrines, stone conduits to channel water into the cistern, hourds, curtain walls, posterns and cul-de-lampes. I learned that the vault support in the first guards' room in the keep is in the shape of a hollyhock...missed that completely! So, it's a good thing that Edith is coming for a visit next month. It's the perfect excuse to return to Najac and see all the things I missed the first time 'round!

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  1. It's always when you're just leaving that you realise you haven't seen the half of it. But it will be there for another day.