Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Mechoui Dinner

Mechoui...defined by Larousse as a whole roast sheep. I define it as a good reason to spend another evening having a darned good time! Sunday night...7pm...the village begins to gather once again. We stake out our places at the long tables, and everyone gets a cup of wine. The guy mic'd up with the guitar begins to sing and play. The sun slowly arcs its way west and as we wait for dinner, the lights come on...

Here's the thing about dining with the French. You can never be in a rush to eat. It's more about enjoying the company, sipping on a little wine or other aperitif, and listening to the music. When the meal did begin, we started with a country onion soup, followed by big chunks of meat and a simple lettuce salad. There was eventually a cheese course and some ice cream for dessert.And as always, bottomless wine bottles and overflowing baskets of sliced baguettes. And as we ate and then finished, the guy with the guitar sang and sang and sang...almost 4 straight hours without a break! He was fabulous! As the crowd loosened up and began singing along, he roamed through the tables, singing from both benches and table tops. Lots of French songs that everyone knew the words to and some covers of songs that even I knew and could sing along in English. The crowd sang and clapped and eventually danced. The little kids started it out...they simply could not sit still when there was music to dance to. Soon they were joined by their mamans and a few papas, then women dancing without partners, the guys at the bar dancing with themselves, and finally couples. I can't remember when I've had more fun! I've put together a brief video of our musician. It really doesn't do him justice; he was quite an entertainer. The young man who he is singing to in the first part is Jean's grand-nephew, Grant, who is English and didn't understand a word he was singing....
And I leave you with a lovely bit of Jean dancing with Alain...such a nice way to end the evening.
I think I can safely make the generalization after living here almost a year that the French rarely celebrate without music, singing and dancing. I LOVE this place!


  1. Hi Evelyn, was that held where they have the little bar open . .. I went there once with Laury :-)

  2. Hi Anne...yes, it was up by the mairie. Not a fancy setting, but so much fun! I wonder if all the other little villages in this area have this much fun when they get together?