Sunday, August 5, 2012

Remembering Red Pine Camp

Wet towels..
My friend, Edith, updated her FB picture with a great photo she took of beach towels hanging to dry during her summer as a counselor at Red Pine Camp. Which made me remember my summer last year as the RPC nurse. Which made me drag out the jump drive with all my RPC photos. Which made me a bit misty-eyed! How could that brief two-month work assignment at Red Pine grab my heart like that? But it did! While I wouldn't trade my summer here in the Lot for anything, I do get a bit nostalgic thinking about those great girls and women who became my friends at camp. Which'll have to indulge me just a bit this Sunday morning....
Lost water bottles...

The red canoes...
The nurse's station...
But for all the singing and dancing and laughing and playing, this is one of my favorite photos of camp. After all is said and done, it's the peacefulness of life on the lake that restores the soul.

For more photos and stories about Red Pine Camp, just click on the link in the content 'cloud.'


  1. Nice post.I love the chair too. Enjoy yor life in the lovely Lot.It is such a glorious part of the world.I remember having a birthday lunchat St Cirq la Popie many yers ago at a place called L'Atellier which was on the road coming into the village ,do you know if it is still there?

  2. Hi Angela...not sure if it's still there or not, but I'll be visiting St. Cirq Lapopie in the next couple of weeks when my friend is here. I'll keep a look out for the restaurant. Which part of the road was it on...coming up from the bottom or coming down from the parking area at the top? If I see it, I'll post a photo just for you!

  3. Back online now and will be back for a trot through all your posts and lovely photos that I have missed!