Saturday, August 4, 2012

What Is This?

As I was making multiple trips through Saint-Pierre-Toirac a couple of weeks ago searching for the church, I spied this at the foot of the village. It looked kind of 'churchy' to me, so I pulled over and walked up to it. Actually, it was a family crypt on private property...oops! No one seemed to object, though, so I explored a bit and took a few photos.

It was full of fresh flowers and beautiful souvenirs, heartfelt remembrances of the departed.
This is what puzzled me...see the thing hanging from the ceiling? 

Here's a closer view. It looks like stalks of something all tied together. Wheat? Does anyone know what it is  and what it signifies? Being a lover of cemeteries, I've peeked into a lot of crypts, but I've never seen this before.


  1. Looks like very old wheat to me.
    About the signification, no idea.

  2. Could it be some variation of a "Brigit's Cross"?...

  3. Thanks for the link, Marina. You could be does look a bit like St. Brigid's Cross. That's a beautiful website, BTW.