Tuesday, September 18, 2012


There was some blistering hot weather during Edith's stay which made sightseeing during the middle of the day quite unpleasant. We opted instead to make early morning or evening trips to the close by places we wanted to visit and spend our afternoons at home reading or...I'll admit it...napping. One evening after dinner we drove to Cabrerets which sits on the Cele River just before it joins the Lot at Conduche. Cabrerets is definitely a river village catering to canoeists and kayakers. It reminded me a lot of southern California beach towns, only with river rats instead of surfer boys! There was a lively gourmet food market going on, but we found more interesting sights in the village's nooks and crannies...
like a piece of art commemorating the theft of a piece of art..
 this scary guy lurking in an alley,
and a pretty Virgin surrounded by straw and twinkling blue lights.
When's the last time you saw a sign for a telegraph office?

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