Monday, September 24, 2012

Eaux Chaudes

L'Auberge La Caverne was our 'home' for the next two nights. Open year-round, it's not fancy, but it's clean and comfortable and all the people who work there are exceptionally nice. I was glad that I booked us under the demi-pension plan which meant we received breakfast and either lunch or dinner with our room rate. Our auberge was the only game in town! Eaux Chaudes' only other businesses are another hotel and the thermal baths which are only open part of each day. Meals, otherwise, would have meant a drive back down the winding road into Laruns. The hot springs were first mentioned in 890 when King Sancho the 1st of Aragon came here for the cure. Throughout 12 centuries of recorded history, the warm waters have drawn royalty and others to sit and soak.

We did our sitting here on the sunny terrace sipping sweet Jurancon wine and sangria!
The once-bustling baths and hotels in the village were quiet and partially-shuttered during our stay..
but the views of the surrounding mountains were stunning!

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