Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Enroute to Spain & Back

After a quick morning trip into Laruns for postcards and photos, we began the 29 km journey to the Col du Pourtalet, the pass connecting France to Spain. Our companion on the way was the ever-present Pic du Midi d'Ossau. At 2,884 meters, it's not particularly lofty, but its easily recognizable profile makes it a popular landmark. The pass itself sits at 1,794 meters and is usually closed by snow during the winter months. It was clear blue skies and warm temperatures for us, though, and the scenery was magnificent...

The grass in the wide, rolling valleys was beginning to cure in the late summer sun, but was still perfect grazing for a wide variety of open range animals..
like horses, some camera-shy cows and three large pigs. Yes, really, pigs! I didn't believe it either until Edith showed me through her binoculars. Who ever heard of free range pigs?
But it was these fellows, along with hundreds of their friends, who were the stars in this day's adventure story. You'll 'hear' more about them in the next blog post.
And yes, we did make it into Spain driving about 30 kms to the small town of Biescas. There were some big ski developments just off the summit. Let's just say that I think they probably look better in the winter when everything is covered with snow!

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