Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Basque Cemetery

The first thing you notice in a Basque cemetery are the unusual headstones...round and to me, very Celtic-looking.
The next thing you notice are the unusual symbols and writing on the headstones. In this area signs are written in both French and Basque. The symbol seen on this headstone is a Basque cross. Other designs are symbolic of the person, his life, and his profession.
Even the more traditionally shaped crosses carry Basque symbols.
And then you become aware that instead of the ceramic and silk flowers you see in other cemeteries, this one is full of fresh flowers. Living potted plants cover the graves with lots of other flowers actually planted in the ground around them.
The flowers on Jean-Pierre's grave were especially beautiful.


  1. Where were these photographs taken? In Piedmont North Carolina there are a couple of cemeteries that have gravestones from the 1770's to the 1820's that have Basque/Lauburu crosses on them. I'd love to know the story behind them.

    1. They were taken in the village of Bidarray in the Pays Basque department of SW France.