Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Bit of Sibling Bonding

My brother, Jim.
I just returned from three weeks in the States where I finished up some business with my house and visited family. And where I had the 'opportunity' to do a bit of sibling bonding with my brother, Jim. It's a long story; let's just say that when your 91-year-old father comes up with a project for the kids, it's really hard to say no. Even when building a storage shed isn't exactly on your agenda for the weekend! Jim and I made the trip to Lowe's, found the perfect shed, bought it and headed home. The advertising propaganda said the assembly could be completed in 90 minutes. Right! We should have been suspicious of that claim when the forklift dropped the huge box into the bed of Jim's trusty pickup. I'm not sure who could assemble the thing in 90 minutes, but it sure wasn't us. It took all  Saturday afternoon and part of Sunday to get it completed.

Putting up the walls was the easy part.

Jim did all the hard work and most of the cursing. I helped as I could, but it really needed another guy...someone stronger, taller and less wimpy than me, especially when we put on the roof.  We laughed a lot, drank a little beer and listened to tunes. It was sibling bonding at its best despite the fact that we really would have rather been doing something more fun. The only thing missing was our brother, Walt, to make it a complete family project.
Doesn't look like it should be that hard, does it?

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