Thursday, October 25, 2012

Foreign Encounters

Blogging has blessed me with some amazing contacts. My first 'blog friend,' Laury, got me here to Cadrieu. Another 'blog friend,' Vanessa, provided me with information to make this tiny dream come true...I've been published! Vanessa belongs to Writer's Abroad, an ex-pat writing group that publishes an annual anthology of poetry, short stories and non-ficiton written by other ex-pats. This year's theme is Foreign Encounters.The call for submissions went out this spring, and I submitted a piece that was selected for publication. While orginally written as a piece of 'slam poetry,' my entry entitled "Jet Contrails" was published as a very short work of fiction after I re-worked it a bit. I think I was channeling my inner Hemingway when I conceived the idea of encounters aboard a flight bound for Barcelona whose contrail I could see from my sunroom window early one morning. The anthology is available now at Lulu. All proceeds from its sale will go to provide books to children in third world countries. Here's what Lulu says about the book:
"An encounter can be a chance meeting, a planned get-together or even a confrontation. This collection of stories, non-fiction and poems features a variety of foreign encounters: with family, friends, lovers, animals, cultures, or just with one`s own prejudices and preconceptions. All proceeds from the sale of Foreign Encounters will be donated to Books Abroad."
All the authors in this anthology are ex-pats or former ex-pats who live all around the world. All the work of submitting stories, editing, and publishing was done on-line. But here's the really fun part. Vanessa, who has two pieces in this year's anthology, is hosting a book launch party on November 10th! There are 7 contributors living in our general area who will be present.

If you're interested in purchasing a copy of Foreign Encounters, just click on any of the Lulu links, and you'll be taken directly to the order page. If you are somewhere other than France, scroll down to the very bottom of the page. There you'll find a place to select your country of preference. You can then use that currency for purchase. Happy reading!


  1. Look forward to seeing you at the launch on 10th November. Tell all your friends about it!!

  2. WritersAbroad what a fantastic blog to be part of Evelyn and such a great idea for creative souls to connect congratulations on being published I am sure there will be some excellent work submitted for the Foreign Encounters theme, good luck.
    Carla x

  3. Hi Evelyn,

    I'm a fellow contributor to "Foreign Encounter" - Rebecca Hall & my story was Greece's Nine Lives. I'm making my way slowly through the book and just read yours. I wanted to say I loved it and it made me smile: a real insight into human nature.

    Thanks for sharing.