Thursday, October 11, 2012

Music From the Heart

I fell in love with Basque music and specifically this song from one of the CD's I bought in Espelette. Erramun Martikorena has the purest voice I've ever heard! The song brings tears to my eyes.

Here's a translation of the haunting lyrics. It's from Google translate, so isn't perfect, but you get the drift that this is a lament for a fallen friend.

Upon the death of Xalbador

There was a friend, be strong and sensitive
transfigured by the wings of poetry
by to have arisen from a deep inner feeling. A singer who traveled places, transitions of solitude had taught in the pain to weave words modestly from the incorruptible truth of his inner being. (Chorus) Where are you, in which pasture shepherd of Urepel  ? thou hast fled to the flanks of the mountain, to the aftermath that remain in the memory. (Repeat) You released the song by demolishing the barriers eagerly seeking freedom beyond ties and limitations of the body. transforming your last breath in to the deeper into a violent cry of unfathomable truths that can not never be expressed. Where are you ...


  1. Lovely, thank you for sharing this beautiful voice with us.

  2. Oh wonderful, I must find out more.