Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Saying Goodbye to Friends

I drove Laury, Dali and Sammie Cat to the Toulouse airport very early yesterday morning. Laury has made the very difficult decision to close up the Chatette and return to her house in New Orleans for an undetermined length of time. Money and concerns for Dali's health were among the reasons for doing this. It wasn't an easy decision, nor one quickly made. She'll work there, and Dali can live out the rest of her life by Laury's side. Struggling with the logistics of the trip....morning traffic, parking, finding a cart for luggage and Dali's travel crate, checking in, negotiating all the regulations in French, etc. etc. occupied both of us. Suddenly, it was a quick hug and off Laury went through security! I meant to say a proper goodbye, maybe even snap a photo of the 'family' as they left. It's doubtful that I'll ever see Dali again unless I visit her in New Orleans (which might not be a bad idea, actually!). At 14 her life is coming to a close. As with my 91-yr-old father, I cherish each moment and know each goodbye could be the last. And while I anticipate seeing Laury next year sometime when she comes back to visit the Chatette, saying goodbye is still difficult. I didn't have a chance to do it properly, but maybe in the end, that's okay. It saved both of us a lot of tears! A bientot, my friend!


  1. Ahh.. I know that had to be a tough moment for you! New Orleans sounds like a great plan!

  2. Dear Evelyn, I am sorry to read that Laury has had to shut up Chattet . and sorry to read about Dali too. Did Laury take her cat too .. A huge shame for you having moved over, but you do seem to be very happy :-) take care Anne

  3. Saying goodbye to friends is always so sad - doing it quickly and almost casually is by far the best way.