Sunday, November 11, 2012

Book Launch

Yesterday "Foreign Encounters," the third annual anthology of short stories and poetry published by Writers Abroad, was formally 'launched' at the Parisot Mediatheque. About 20 people attended to hear about Writers Abroad, the publishing of this year's anthology, and listen to some short readings from the book.
Vanessa Couchman, blogger at 'Life on La Lune', spoke about Writers Abroad which is a virtual community of writers from all over the world who meet in cyberspace to support and critique each other's writing. Of 231 submissions, 95 were chosen for this year's anthology. Mine was one of those! All the work of gathering submissions, choosing, editing and publishing was done online. The anthology can be purchased here at Lulu in dollars, pounds or euros. Any profit made from sales of the book go to Books Abroad, a UK based charity that provides recycled books for school children in developing countries.
After the presentations, the crowd lingered over aperitifs. Vanessa sold all her copies of "Foreign Encounters." I'd say the folks liked what they heard! Thanks for the Parisot Library for hosting this fun event.


  1. Hi Evelyn, I enjoyed your story in FE; it reminds me of all the times I've sat in an airport or on a plane and mused about the other passengers.
    Are you on Twitter? I'm putting together a list of fellow contributors and would add you if you are on there.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Chris. No, I'm not on Twitter, but I do FB. Do you and if so, if I 'friend' you there, can I see any announcements you make?

  3. Yes, though I'm likely to make any announcements on my blog first. FB isn't always accessible from Viet Nam. Will look for you on FB though.

  4. Hi Evelyn, Haven't been able to find you there... Thought I might see you on the Writers Abroad page, but few people make comments there. If you still want to connect, look for my comment there, with the blue morning glory.