Thursday, November 29, 2012

From the Archives

When I was in Iowa this past September packing up my household goods, I grabbed my photo CDs from all my previous trips to France. I thought it might be fun to do an occasional look back into the archives. So here's one of my first photos ever of Notre Dame. I love this view from the back where you can really see the flying buttresses. Amazing feat of architecture! I thought it might also be fun to link you back to a blog post from my previous blog, Musings from Red Bell Farm since many of my posts about Paris and Provence started there.

Funny...when I pulled up my old blog to find a link, I noticed that the banner photo is the one I took of wisteria on my very first time in Goult. The banner photo on this current blog is of that same house, draped with a gorgeous wisteria vine!

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