Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Secret Garden

Maggie timed inviting her friend, Sue, and me for a walk around the Promilhanes area just right. Yesterday afternoon's clear skies and warm temperatures made our almost 6 km stroll through the countryside absolutely delightful. We walked on little-used roads, chatting and enjoying the beautiful weather and each other's company. Maggie promised us a surprise, and as we turned off the paved road onto a gravel lane through the trees, I never imagined this is what we'd find....a sculpture garden tucked into a cleared area in the forest! There a fenced 'garden' containing several metal sculptures carefully mounted and displayed. Each had a title.

There were no houses anywhere near the garden, but Maggie is pretty sure she knows who the sculptor is and where he lives. Completely fenced with a locked gate, the garden is also surrounded by numerous signs warning 'propriete privee' (private property) and 'entree interdite' (entry forbidden). Like good law-abiding citizens, we stayed on our side of the fence and took photos as best we couldd. It was so tempting, though, to try and sneak in! Maybe someday Maggie will muster the courage to knock on the artist's door and ask if we could have a private tour.


  1. nice photos Evelyn- it was lovely to get to meet you, hope to see you again (you know where we live - drop in any time you are passing)
    Sue x

  2. Maggie has told me about this place. I must try to take a look next time I'm passing in the district.