Friday, November 23, 2012

To Make Bread....

Weathervane, Promilhanes November 2012
Yesterday afternoon in French class (yes, while you were eating your turkey dinner, I was embarrassing myself with poorly-chosen  prepositions!) Eddy talked about the bread-making preparations for the upcoming Telethon. The men in charge will gather at Suzanne Dupont's next Friday to fire up the huge outdoor bread oven. By Saturday morning, it will be the right temperature to bake 140 boules of bread. It takes a truckload of wood, many hours and a lot of standing around gossiping to complete the bread which will be sold next Saturday night as part of the fundraising event. I'm thinking I might crash the party and take a few photos of this time-honored tradition of men baking bread.

PS....I wonder if there will be a cat keeping warm under the oven??

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