Sunday, December 9, 2012

I Won!

Everyone was a winner this weekend as France collected money for neuromuscular disease treatment and research. The first weekend in December is Telethon weekend here. (Think Labor Day and Jerry Lewis in the States). This year over 81 million euros were pledged for this worthy cause. My village sells pastis, an authentic artisanal pastry, and wood-oven baked bread along with some other items. There is also a raffle drawing or tombola as it's called here. I invested 4 euros in 2 tickets. And guess what? I won!!. I have to tell you that I NEVER win anything. I think the last time was in 1973 when my ex and I won a bicycle in a raffle. That's a long dry spell in the winning department for me. But one of my numbers was drawn last evening, and this was my prize..


The sturdy burlap carrying bag came filled with wine. A riesling, a viognier, and two bottles of a 2008 Cahors from Chateau Nozieres. Here's the plan: first we drink the wine.Then we take the cute carrier, go wine-tasting, and fill it up again! Want to join me??


  1. Wow, you did well! The carrier looks useful too. Like you, I rarely win anything. But I did win a DVD player a few years ago at a new store that opened in the village. It's still going strong.