Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013: Effloresce

The problem with this choosing-a-word-for-the-year thing is that it is very easy to over-think the process. If a word comes right away, great. But if it doesn't and you try to consciously think of a word that you should choose for the year, it becomes more like a New Year's resolution and less like the spirit moving. That being said, this year's word just would not come. I thought of a couple that felt kind of right, but not really. I signed up for a word 'mini-retreat on one of my favorite websites, Abbey of the Arts, and followed all the suggestions, but still no word appeared that really resonated with me. So, I tried another tactic...SoulCollage. This is a process that I also learned in an Abbey of the Arts online course. It's basically pulling images, words, colors from print material and making a collage. You let your inner spirit do the choosing; conscious over-thinking spoils the fun.

Armed with four magazines, scissors and a glue stick, I began, but with some reservations. I don't exactly have a great choice of magazines here. What I had was a things-to-do in the Lot tourist mag, a 'Marie Claire' that I bought in a crazy moment of caring about fashion, a 'Town and Country' that I picked up in an airport somewhere desperate for something to read, and a slick 'Santa Barbara' high-end lifestyle magazine that my friend, Marie, sent me. None were really soul and spirit material. Flipping through each one while holding the thought 'give me a word' in my mind, I cut out images, swaths of color, and patterns that appealed to me. On one of the last pages of the last magazine I leafed through, I found an ad for a florist shop. And there was my word: EFFLORESCE. It even came with its own definition: to burst into bloom. There was no doubt in my mind that my word had finally chosen me. What I did doubt, however, was how the images I cut out would go together in a meaningful way. This is the beauty of SoulCollage; it always works. And so did my collage.
As I moved the pieces around, each one revealed its meaning to me and each one found its place in the overall design. I won't bore you with what those meanings are, but let me say that there are a couple images that remain a mystery. I have no idea what the hand, the beautiful flock of sheep or the XII mean. I'm hoping that 2013 will reveal their significance. So, there you have it. My word for 2013 is EFFLORESCE. I like the sound of it. It resonates nicely with last year's word, explore, and also with my name. I'll be adding it as a blog category, so you'll see it in my cloud. It will be fun to see just where in my life I burst into bloom this coming year!

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  1. Love your word, and love this post. I will be gathering with a group of women this Sunday to share a space and create a vision board for 2013 - I love this idea of listening for a word. Thanks for sharing an inspiring post.