Thursday, January 24, 2013


When you live in France, it's hard NOT to take photos of religious's everywhere. Every little village has an ancient and often quite beautiful church full of statues of the Holy Family and saints, some of which I've yet to find listed on any Catholic website! Roadside crosses abound. Sometimes you stumble on a chapel in the middle of nowhere. I find myself especially attracted to Mary, the Blessed Mother. I've decided to collect my photos of her in one folder and make her an ongoing project. This Mary was in the church in Cassis. I had fun creating this different image of her today


  1. Sounds like the abundance of Buddhist statuary and symbols here in Hue. I love doing collections of photos, and your idea sounds interesting.I've been dreaming about visiting every pagoda in this city and taking photos. There are over 300 though, so probably this is a pipe dream. I imagine there are probably just as many churches where you are.

  2. Just found your Blog and I am very excited to read all your posts.
    I love that you want to Capture all the Mary's !!
    I too love to take pictures of every interesting Mary I come across it is always amazing how each facial expression is so different.