Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Rushing Water

Since last week's snow events, it's rained....a lot.Water is rushing in the normally dry spillway below the chateau into the large stone basin.
From there it flows under the little village road that goes by my house and fills the village lavoir.
From the lavoir, it flows underground beneath the main road and ends up in the Lot...which is looking pretty murky these days with all the run-off. I can hear the rushing water from my backdoor.


  1. What a lovely sound! How amazing to be able to hear it from your house. Is the lavoir something people still use in these modern days? (Used for washing, I assume?)

    1. It's rarely used, although people do walk down to it for photos, etc. It sits right in back of my friend's house next to her barn. She says she's seen one of the village farm couples washing out overalls in it after they'd done some butchering...kind of takes away the romance of it, huh?