Saturday, January 5, 2013

Thirty Photos in Thirty Days!

A fellow blogger that I connected with doing the Writers Abroad, Foreign Encounters project, Chris Galvin has challenged her readers to post a poem, a painting, or a photo each day for thirty days. As you know, I'm not a painter...dang it! While I do write a bit of poetry, I'm not sure I could be that creative for thirty days in a row. So, I've decided to do the photo a day for the next thirty days. Now, I could go into my archives and find a photo a day for the next ten years, but that doesn't seem to be the right spirit for this project, so I'll attempt to post photos that I actually take each day. If you read my blog, you know that I already post about the more interesting and fun things that I experience here in France. I'll continue to do that, of course, but the focus of these next thirty days will be my every day life. What!? You thought it was all parties and Paris, fun and fetes, champagne and celebrations?? No, most days are probably a lot like shopping, doing laundry, washing dishes, being bored. So, welcome to my 'real' world. Here's photo number one: Shutters
One thing that I do every morning and every evening that you probably don't do at your house is open and close the shutters. I've blogged about shutters in the past. Click here if you're interested. Shutters are so very practical. They keep out the light and the noise of the road, they keep the cold out in winter, the cool in during summer, and they are a great security system.


  1. So glad you are taking part. What a lovely start. We have blue shutters that we use in our home in Viet Nam too.

  2. If I had shutters , I would be over the moon .... I love them.. yep , no shutters here in the typical british house.. my next house will have them on ..:-)

    How is Laury getting on?

  3. sounds like it will be a wonderful thirty days... and I do love shutters. No one really has them, at least not in anything but historic houses, or except for decoration, it seems, in the US.

  4. Quite right - everyday life here is pretty much like everyday life anywhere. But the voyage of discovery is what gives it the magic.