Monday, February 11, 2013


My blogger friend, Vanessa, has written a post on a very grave subject. I thought it would be fun to link to her post with some equally grave thoughts of my own. I speak of graves and cemeteries which are actually some of my favorite places to visit and photograph here in France. I'll let you visit her post to read about the rules and regs of dying and being buried in France. I'd like to further illustrate some of what she's shared....for instance, this apparently abandoned gravesite in the Cajarc cemetery. While most of the tombs and plots are meticulously maintained, this one and a few others here are not.

Here is a close-up of the sign posted in it. Essentially it says anyone who has information about this site is asked to speak with the mairie. This is the first step in reclaiming abandoned 'contracts' and re-using the site.
Some of the stone carvings and iron work on the old graves and tombs is quite beautiful.
But I am most intrigued by the people....
'Died at sea'
'The Survivors of the Nazi Camps and Resistors of the Lot
To Our Comrade'
and their stories.


  1. Hello Evelyn .. I remember the little cemetary in Cadrieu ... and how diffent they are to here in the UK... I was told the story abut rules and regs of cemetaries in France as one of best friends lives in Paris .. and they (her and her husband) had to go through the re-claiming.. how different.

  2. Thanks for the link, Evelyn. Some of the old gravestones are fascinating and you've got some great shots. Plenty of them at Teysseroles are now barely readable but I love trying to decipher them.

  3. LOvely post. I love cemeteries they seem like sleeping villages.I feel rather cut off from my Dad who was cremated and scattered in a funtional crematorium.I wouls love to have visited him in a tranquil place. x Angela

    1. I go back and forth...cremation vrs. burial. I'm Episcopalian and a lot of the Episcopal churches in the States have columbariums...places where urns of ashes are housed. I kind of like that idea...ashes, but in a place where loved ones could visi. And most churches are pretty tranquil!