Monday, February 18, 2013

Extremes of Spring

It feels like the weather pattern has begun to shift towards spring. Birds are a bit more active, and I've noticed some fresh green spears in my iris plants. Living in a river valley, though, means you never know which kind of spring morning you might get. The last few mornings have been brilliantly clear. The dawn jet contails stream hot pink across the sky.

But morning is just as likely to bring dense fog, making everything look just a little ghostly. Such are the extremes of spring along the Lot!


  1. I love those pink jet streams behind the tree :)

  2. Great photos, Evelyn. There has been a real sense of spring the past few days. And, even if the weather doesn't remain good, the evenings are drawing out, which always makes one feel better. Everyone is thoroughly fed up with this winter, though!