Friday, February 15, 2013

History Heaven!

Le President September 2009
I'm in history heaven today! This morning's mail brought a book I ordered after hearing Martyn Cox speak on the Resistance here in the Lot. Entitled "In Search of the Maquis," it's written by distinguished British historian, H. R. Kedward and is about the French Resistance in the south of France during WWII. It looks to be quite academic, but intriguing.

Then I met Caroline, an English woman who reads my blog. She lives just across the river from Cajarc in Gaillac where she has a chambre d'hote and a small gite that she rents out.  She offered me an English  translation of French history book of this area done by a friend. We met here at Le President for coffee and a get-acquainted chat. It's only a partial history beginning with the Bronze Age and ending at 1443, but it's actually the portion that is the hardest to find information about.  Not a lot of record keeping going on back then. And almost everything that is available is written in French, of course. I'm thrilled!

And you, too, will benefit from these 'finds.' Expect lots more blog posts about both ancient and modern history in and around the Lot.


  1. I really would love ot learn mroe about the bronze age!!

  2. All this sounds just up my street! Looking forward to more posts on Bronze Age onwards.