Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Taupe Gun

I took Lucie across the road this afternoon to let her run along the river. We like to walk's handy, and she can be off the leash...but we haven't been in the past several weeks because with the almost daily rain, it's been too wet. After a week of dry weather, though, we were ready to enjoy a walk through the grass. And there on Willy's land, we saw yet another sign of spring! The taupes (moles) have really stepped up their digging activity, and Willy is out to put a stop to it. When I googled 'taupe gun,' I found an article saying that every year in France, 20,000 people are injured trying to rid their gardens of taupes...amazing! People try poison, gas, flames, cherry bombs, anything to kill the poor things. I tried to find information about this device in English, but their website is in French. From what I can translate, though, it appears that you look for a fresh mound of dirt (indicating taupe presence), dig down into it to disturb the taupe, and then implant the gun. When the taupe touches the long wand that goes into the ground, it discharges and voila, dead taupe. For 85 euros you get the gun and 10 cartridges. Does seem a bit much to kill little animals whose only sin is to leave piles of dirt in your pretty lawn. Will you groan if I say it's 'overkill?'

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  1. Yes, that does seem like overkill! Poor little things....Love all the pictures and posts of France. I hope to visit some day soon, but will stay clear of the mole holes ^_^!