Monday, March 4, 2013

A Shelter on the Causse

We've had a few pretty days this past week...clear blue skies and temperatures that are almost warm. Lucie and I took advantage of the nice weather to do some walking. Friday afternoon found us up on the causse near Grealou, where we came across this lonely shelter in the middle of a big field. It was probably a mini-barn/shelter for the shepherd in bad weather. The door on the other side is small. You could maybe put a half dozen sheep inside if necessary. Or maybe the shepherd just sat inside eating his lunch and enjoying the view!

Facing the valley below
The view...probably prettier when the trees are leafed out.

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  1. Would love to chance upon a shelter such as this while out in the countryside looking for a place to picnic. I'd do as your imaginary shepherd did. Such a curious structure. Almost looks like an ancient security outpost, with it's few and narrow openings.