Tuesday, March 26, 2013

From the Archives: Collioure

Yesterday afternoon at English class, our conversation turned to travel; travel, food, and gardening seem to be our favorite topics to discuss in either French or English! Everyone shared their favorite Mediterranean beach town. Greg loves Cannes and will spend the week after Easter there. Patricia and Daniel go to Argeles-sur-Mer every summer to camp on the beach. Cassis was also a common favorite. But everyone agreed that for charm and a nice beach, Collioure on the Cote Vermeille is the best! Made me remember my trip there in 2009. So, here you are...a couple of memories from the archives.
They're saving a seat for me!


  1. I love Collioure and also Nice is nice!

  2. Aguies Mortes at the bottom of the Carmargue is an amasing little fishing port. I had a memorable bouliabase at a restaurant on the wharf. I have pictures I will share on facebook when I get home next week.