Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Name This Saint

As I finished photographing yesterday's cheery weather vane, I turned and found myself looking into the face of this beautiful statue. She was stunning, standing on her mossy rocks and looking a bit mossy herself. My first thought was 'Oh, it's Mary again." She's everywhere in this Catholic country. But as I took her picture from different angles, some details caught my eye, and now I'm not sure who this saint is. She's in a nun's habit and is holding a feather and what looks like a small book in her right hand. I've never seen a statue of Mary holding either of those things. And then, maybe she's not a saint at all. Just an attractive nun! Anyone out there have an idea about her identity?

Detail of right hand
I liked the way the sun glowed on her mossy halo.


  1. Beautiful photos! I don't really know my saints, but I love your photos!

  2. Hi Evelyn - my "guess"with a little help from Mr Google is Hildegard Of Bingen - she was a writer (hence the feather)
    Found this quote about her : "Hildegard Von Bingen was a 12th century Christian mystic who acknowledged a relationship with nature. She saw the flow of the seasons as “sensible and beautiful,” evidence of God’s presence in creation. Hildegard believed that all parts of the whole had their appropriate path or cycle and none should trespass on the other. Hildegard is quoted as writing: Everything that lives “on earth has a fundamental urge to embrace some other in love. All nature is available to humanity and willingly offers people its benefits in loving service.”

    1. I thought it might be her as well. She's also quoted as saying: "I am but a feather on the breath of God."

  3. I would also venture Hildegard of Bingen - hence the quill pen and the book she appears to be carrying in the same hand. But I wonder what she's doing in the Lot?

  4. I kind of think Hildegard as well. I'm acquainted with the people who own this property. I will ask them, if I get a chance when they return this summer, if they know the statue's story.

  5. What about Saint Teresa of Avila, a Carmelite nun often depicted with book and quill pen. Not really any reason for her to be in France either but she is the patron saint of headache sufferers!