Sunday, April 14, 2013


After more weeks than I care to remember, we've finally had two days in a row of cloudless blue skies and brilliant warm sunshine. My village has regained its normal good humor, and yesterday's market in Cajarc was quite lively. I met a friend at 4 pm here at Le President, and we sat on the terrace soaking up the sun (and sipping adult beverages!) until almost 6 pm. It was glorious! I even came home with pink cheeks...from the sun, not the kir I drank. The terrace was full, we were greeted by many people we knew, and were entertained by children zipping by on their scooters, bikes and skates. It's amazing how a little sun improves everyone's attitude!


  1. What a difference it made to how we felt about life last weekend. And then, Wednesday this week was just wonderful. We were in shorts. Two days later we were back in winter clothes. But then, there's a saying in French, "Ne te découvre pas d'un fil le mois d'avril." How right that is!