Wednesday, April 17, 2013

River Walk

I had a few errands to run in Cajarc yesterday morning, so I put Lucie in the car with me, and off we went. After stops at the pharmacy and the gas pump, we took one of my favorite walks along the river at the Cajarc waterfront. (Lucie is never bored with our morning walks around the village, but I occasionally need a little fresh scenery!) It's fun to walk here in the spring and see what's blooming and greening and waking up after a long winter and a very wet spring. Sure enough, all the little vegetable gardens are coming to life, their earth dug and tilled and ready for planting. A few things are already beginning to come up...some early lettuces, a row of onions here and there. Bulbs are blooming.

Not everything survived the winter, though. This big tree, one of many along the river's edge, fell victim to the high waters from all the rain this spring.
But there were enough bright spots of spring color to remind me that trees toppling are always balanced by flowers blooming.

I was back here at the river again this morning when our Wednesday exercise class walked over to 'faire de les gymnastiques' (do our exercises) outside in the warm spring  sunshine. I love it that the French will find any excuse to be outside enjoying the beautiful weather!

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  1. It's a beautiful stretch of river there. And at this time of year it must be lovely.